Scents of Direction Body Balm

An All Natural body balm hand made by my nephew for the O-Store with beeswax from my sister's beehive. A lemony fresh smelling body balm for dry, scratched or rough skin. A wonderful design on the lid that any orienteer can appreciate. Soothe your orienteering induced injuries!

Scents of Direction Lip Balm

An All Natural lip balm hand made for the O-Store with beeswax from my sister's bee hives, by her son. A fresh lemony scent; orienteering map on label. Protection from dry, chapped lips. Try it - you'll love it!

Aluminum Control Post for BSF-8, set of 10

These stands aware developed by the O-Store keeping in mind that we want light weight, easy-to-carry, space efficient, and an option to have the pin punch attached to the post. They are made from light-weight aluminum , and have a SPORTident bracket attached. There is an option to have the back-up pin punch permanently mounted underneath the plastic bracket, avoiding the need to have punches dangling from flags, tangling themselves up as you carry them through the forest to the control sites. Control flags are typically looped over the bracket, and are held in place by the SI control. Post is 89cm (35inches) tall. Total weight of one set of 10 is 2 kg.

Wrist Safety Strap

A wrist strap to attach to your SPORTident finger stick.